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Representative Publications

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1. A Radiative Cooling Structural Material.

Li, T.; Zhai, Y.; He, S.; Gan, W.; Wei, Z.; Heidarinejad, M.; Dalgo, D.; Mi, R.; Zhao, X.; Song, J.; Dai, J.; Chen, C.; Aili, A.; Vellore, A.; Martini, A.; Yang, R.; Srebric, J.; Yin, X.; Hu, L.*

Science 2019, 364, 760–763. PDF

2. High Temperature Shockwave Stabilized Single Atoms.

Yao, Y.; Huang, Z.; Xie, P.; Wu, L.; Ma, L.; Li, T.; Pang, Z.; Jiang, M.; Liang, Z.; Gao, J.; He, Y.; Kline, D.; Zachariah, M.; Wang, C.; Lu, J.; Li, T.; Wang, C.; Shahbazian-Yassar, R.; Hu, L.*

Nature Nanotechnology, 2019, 14, 851-857. PDF

3. Cellulose Ionic Conductors with High Differential Thermal Voltage for Low-Grade Heat Harvesting.

Li, T.; Zhang, X.; Lacey, S. D.; Mi, R.; Zhao, X.; Jiang, F.; Song, J.; Liu, Z.; Chen, G.; Dai, J.; Yao, Y.; Das, S.; Yang, R.; Briber, Hu, L.*

Nature Materials 2019, 18, 608–613. PDF

4. A Printed, Recyclable, Ultra-Strong, and Ultra-Tough Graphite Structural Material.

Zhou, Y.; Chen, C.; Zhu, S.; Sui, C.; Wang, C.; Kuang, Y.; Ray, U.; Liu, D.; Brozena, A.; Leiste, U. H.; Quispe, N.; Guo, H.; Vellore, A.; Bruck, H. A.; Martini, A.; Foster, B.; Lou, J.; Li, T.*; Hu, L.*

Materials Today 2019, online. PDF

5. Electron/Ion Dual-Conductive Alloy Framework for High-Rate and High-Capacity Solid-State Lithium Metal Batteries.

Yang, C.; Xie, H.; Ping, W.; Fu, K.; Liu, B.; Rao, J.; Dai, J.; Wang, C.; Pastel, G.; Hu, L.*

Advanced Materials, 2018, 21:1804815. PDF

6. Carbo-Thermal Shock Synthesis of High Entropy Alloy Nanoparticles.

Yao, Y.; Huang, Z.; Xie, P.; Lacey, S.; Jacob, R.; Xie, H.; Chen, F.; Nie, A.; Pu, T.; Rehwoldt, M.; Yu, D.; Zachariah, M.; Wang, C.; Shahbazian-Yassar R.; Li, J.; Hu, L.*

Science, 2018, 359, 1489 (Article, COVER). PDF

7. Processing bulk natural wood into a high-performance structural material.

Song, J.; Chen, C.; Zhu, S.; Zhu, M.; Dai, J.; Ray, U.; Li, Y.; Kuang, Y.; Li, Y.; Quyispe, N.; Yao, Y.; Gong, A.; Leiste, U.H.; Bruck, H.A.; Zhu, J.Y.; Vellore, A.; Martini, A.; Li, T.; Hu, L.*

Nature, 2018, 554, 224. PDF

8. High Performance Thermoelectric in 3300 K Reduced Graphene Oxide Networks with High Temperature Capability.

Li, T,; Pickel, A.; Yao, Y.; Chen, Y.; Zeng, Y.; Lacey, S.D.; Li, Y.; Wang, Y.; Dai, J.; Wang, Y.; Yang, B.; Fuhrer, M.S.; Marconnet, A.; Drew, D.H.; Hu, L.*

Nature Energy, 2018, 3, 148. PDF


9. Negating Interfacial Impedance in Garnet-Based Solid-State Li Metal Batteries.

Han, X.; Gong, Y.; Fu, K.K.; He, X.; Hitz, G.T.; Dai, J.; Pearse, A.; Liu, B.; Wang, H.; Rubloff, G.; Mo, Y., Thangadurai, V.;

Wachsman.; Hu, L.*

Nature Materials, 2017, 16, 572. PDF

10. Inverted Battery Design as Ion Generator for Interfacing with Biosystems.

Wang, C.; Fu, K.; Dai, J.; Lacey, S.; Yao, Y.; Pastel, G.; Xu, L.; Zhang, J.; Hu, L.*

Nature Communications, 2017, 8, 15609. PDF


11. Tree-Inspired Design for High-Efficiency Water Extraction.

Zhu, M.; Li, Y.; Chen, G.; Jiang, F.; Yang, Z.; Luo, X.; Wang, Y.; Lacey, S. D.; Dai, J.; Wang, C.; Hu, L.*

Advanced Materials, 2017, 29, 1704107. PDF

12. Wood-Derived Materials for Green Electronics, Biological Devices, and Energy Applications.

Zhu, H.; Luo, W.; Ciesielski, P.; Fang, Z.; Zhu, J.; Henriksson, G.; Himmel, M.; Hu, L.*

Chemical Review, 2016, 116, 9305. PDF

13. Ultra-fast, Ultra-High Temperature, In situ Self-assembly and Stabilization of Nanoparticles in Reduced Graphene Oxide Films

Chen, Y.; Egan, G.; Wan, J.; Zhu, S.; Zhou, W.; Dai, J.; Wang, Y.; Danner, V.; Yao, Y.; Fu, K.; Wang, Y.; Li, T.; Zachariah, M.; Hu, L.*

Nature Communications, 2016, 7, 12332. PDF

14. Towards Garnet Electrolyte-based Li metal batteries: An Ultrathin, Highly Effective Artificial Solid-State Electrolyte/Metallic Li Interface.

Fu, K.; Gong, Y.; Liu, B.; Zhu, Y.; Xu, S.; Yao, Y.; Luo, W.; Wang, C.; Lacey, S.; Dai, J.; Chen, Y.; Mo, Y.; Wachsman, E.; Hu, L.*

Science Advances, 2016, 3, e1601659. PDF


15. Anisotropic Transparent Wood-Composites. (VIP paper, the hottest paper in Advanced Materials of Year 2016, Rank #1).

Zhu, M.; Song, J.; Li, T.; Gong, A.; Wang, Y.; Dai, J.; Yao, Y.; Luo, W.; Henderson, D.; Hu, L.*

Advanced Materials, 2016, 28, 5181. PDF


16. Flexible, Solid-State Lithium Ion-conducting Membrane with 3D Garnet Nanofiber Networks.

Fu, K.; Gong, Y.; Dai, J.; Gong, A.; Han, X.; Yao, Y.; Wang, Y.; Wang, C.; Chen, Y.; Yan, C.; Li, Y.; Wachsman, E.; Hu, L.*

Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, 2016, 113, 26,7094. PDF

17. Approaching the Limits of Transparency and Conductivity in Graphitic Materials through Lithium Intercalation.

Bao, W.; Wan, J.; Han, X.; Cai, X.; Zhu, H.; Kim, D.; Ma, D.; Munday, J.; Drew, D.; Fuhrer, M.; Hu, L.*

Nature Communications, 2014, 5, 4224. PDF

18. Highly Transparent Paper with Tunable Haze for Green Electronics.

Fang, Z.; Zhu, H.; Bao W.; Preston, C.; Liu Z.; Dai, J.; Li Y.; Hu, L.*

Energy & Environmental Science, 2014, 7, 3313. PDF

19. Carbon Nanotube Thin Films: Fabrication, Properties, and Applications.

Hu, L.*; Hecht, D. S.; Gruner, G.*

Chemical Reviews, 2010, 110, 5790. PDF

20. Percolation in Transparent and Conducting Carbon Nanotube Networks. (key technology for Spinoff Company, Unidym Inc)        

Hu, L.; Hecht, D. S.; Gruner, G.*

Nano Letters, 2004, 4, 2513. PDF

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